Mechanical and chemical cleaning of boilers are the two basic methods of removing impurities from heat exchange surfaces in heating devices. The aim of both methods is to improve the energy efficiency of boilers, reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, and extend the life of the installation.

We offer full services using the newest technologies in the field of:

  • Chemical cleaning of steam and water boilers,
  • Chemical cleaning of steam generator,
  • Chemical cleaning of condensers,
  • Chemical cleaning of pipelines,
  • Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers,
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  • After montage leaching of steam and water boilers,
  • Mechanical cleaning of boilers on the side of water and flue gas,
  • Complete piping of boliers type WLM, WR,OR,E and other types and montage at user’s,
  • Steel water, air and steam boilers of different types,
  • Maintenance and rebuilding parts of pressure boilers WLM, WR, OR, E and other types,
  • Montage/ repair of boiler brickwork,
  • Repairs and rebuilding of mechanical strokers and others,
  • Welding services,
  • Montage of all types of boilers: gas, oil, coal, coke and other,
  • Montage, maintenance and rebuilding of tanks,
  • Montage, maintenance and rebuilding of technological and transmission pipelines,
  • Water treatment equipment,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Dust collectors,
  • Cyclone
  • Dirt trap,
  • Carburizing equipment,
  • Fans
  • Blast draught,
  • Equipment preparation for audit of Technical Inspection Office,
  • Repair and survey of gas and oil burners,
  • Insulation of pipelines and boilers
  • Making to order and montage of chimneys,
  • Boilers automatics,
  • Inspection of pipelines, chimneys, etc.
  • Boiler –room design,
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